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Drs. Brian and Jacqui Payne offer passive, self-ligating Damon Smile braces in Windsor and Santa Rosa, CA. Damon Smile braces may look like traditional braces, but they’re far from it! Damon brackets hold the archwire with a metal door rather than an elastic tie, resulting in a force that is more biocompatible with your teeth and underlying bone structure. This allows the teeth move more efficiently, and efficiency equates to shorter treatment times!

How can Payne Orthodontics and Damon Smile make you smile?

  • Better Bite: Damon Smile brackets are great for arch development or arch expansion, which can improve the way your teeth fit together. 
  • Efficiency: Teeth move faster with the reduced friction of the Damon Smile brackets, which means treatment times can be reduced.
  • Better Hygiene: Damon Smile braces make dental hygiene easy during treatment, since they lack the elastic ties that can attract and collect plaque.
  • Convenience: Damon Smile braces in many cases allow for longer appointment intervals because the increased efficiency of the self-ligating system.
  • Technology: In addition to using Damon Smile, our office uses a computerized indirect bonding system where all the brackets are digitally placed on a virtual set-up of your teeth and then a 3D printed tray is created to transfer the braces to your teeth in a single step!

Damon Smile isn’t just about the bracket—it’s a completely new way to approach tooth movement. Learn more by contacting our Windsor or Santa Rosa orthodontic office to schedule an appointment.